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About Us

Uf.Bee is the first company in Ukraine manufacturing reusable beeswax food wraps, environmentally friendly alternative to cling film and the best storing solution for keeping your food fresh for longer. Since late 2018, our mission has been to make the age of Mars colonization plastic free here, on Earth, and as of 2022 — make Ukraine free of russians!

About Us

Beeswax wraps — the best food packaging:

lets food breathe, saves it fresh for longer and frees you up from the necessity to constantly buy and dispose of cling film 🧘🏻‍♀️

wrap the lemon


grab a snack to go

cover a jar
or a salad bowl

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How does it work?

Press a beeswax wrap over a bowl or around any food, the warmths of your palms will soften and slightly melt the beeswax to make a reliable seal that preserves the natural moisture in food 🧀
Beeswax wraps are breathable and are made of ingredients with natural antimicrobial properties that inhibit bacterial growth — everything to preserve your food’s freshness for as long as naturally possible.
They are reusable — just wash your beeswax wrap in cold water with a dish soap, then rinse and hang or lay flat on a dish rack to dry. Fold, store in a drawer and re-use it for up to a year or more!

What can and can't be stored in a beeswax wrap?

For majority of foods, beeswax wrap is a perfect storing solution,
but there are exceptions. Check here if your food is beeswax wrap compatible:

What Our Customers Say

I've purchased these before the war for my sister and myself... this is a very good thing, I like it, stuff is kept fresh longer... and the main thing is that it's not plastic, it's an all natural wrap... by the way, it's very easy to wash... thank you🤗

Liudmyla Ihorivna Krynytska

I tried beeswax wraps from 4 different manufacturers - yours are the best.

Anna Popko

My daughter gave them to me as a gift before the war! So nice to cover the dishes, like a cute lid when you put stuff away into the fridge.

Irina Zhilenkova

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Here we share tips and tricks
about using beeswax wraps
And you'll find here all things useful
as well as some tasty recipes :)