is the first Ukrainian company that manufactures beeswax wraps, an eco-friendly alternative to cling film. The company was founded in late 2018 with an aspiration to foster sustainable food storage and prevent Ukrainian households from wasting product.

Our observation was that a lot of people were getting more and more excited about humanity’s futuristic plans, like space exploration, AI, robotics and other technical advancements. However, when it came to changing our daily habits that could actually make our future brighter, few people were exhibiting excitement about something as mundane as sustainable food storage and preventing food waste in their households. Therefore, we took the matter into our own hands and designed cosmic themed beeswax wraps that amplify the beauty of products and inspire people to save food.

Our journey has involved a significant amount of designing, sustainable sourcing of ingredients and engineering. In March 2019, our efforts resulted into the release of our first product to the public and ever since then our mission has been to increase the number of sustainable food storage enthusiasts both in Ukraine and globally.

In November 2019 we received an award for the best project run by a female entrepreneur in the framework of UNIDO / GEF Global CleanTech Innovation Program for Small and Medium Enterprises in Ukraine. Yet, our biggest win up to date is the fact that so many people joined us on our quest for making tomorrow brighter with an everyday act of saving food.

We know of many beeswax wraps manufacturers in the world, but only here in Ukraine you will find them cosmiс.

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