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Our top priority is quality. We care about quality of our product as well as quality of our communication and partnership with you. Here is why you should consider us for a partner:
Beeswax wraps manufacturing
Manufacturing capacity
Our manufacturing facilities are located in Ukraine, our capacities allow us to fulfill large orders, we ship globally.
гуртові продажі вощених серветок
If you are looking to buy beeswax wraps wholesale, to sell in your shop or online store, we will gladly make a batch of Uf.Bee wraps to suit your needs.
private label beeswax wraps
Private label production
If you envision adding beeswax wraps to your inventory or interested in ordering a batch of wraps for corporate gifts, we can manufacture beeswax wraps with your custom print on fabric and packaging branded for your company.
сертифіковані вощені серветки
The quality of our product has been confirmed by the tests of lead research institute of preventive toxicology, food and chemical safety in Ukraine.

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