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About Us

Uf.Bee is the first company in Ukraine manufacturing reusable beeswax food wraps, environmentally friendly alternative to cling film and the best storing solution for keeping your food fresh for longer. Since late 2018, our mission has been to make the age of Mars colonization plastic free here, on Earth, and as of 2022 — make Ukraine free of russians!

About Us

What can you wrap?

Although your imagination may know no limits, we want to emphasize that there are foods longing to be stored in Uf.Bee

Sandwiches and other snacks
Loose foods

How to use beeswax wraps?

If your wrap is new or hasn't been used in a while, you may need to activate the beeswax by scrunching it up in your hands or warming it with your hands for a few seconds. This makes the wrap more flexible and adhesive.

Place the food item in the center of the beeswax wrap. Fold the edges of the wrap over the food.
Place the beeswax wrap over the container, gently press down on the edges of the wrap to ensure a secure seal.
Make a pouch for nuts or other snacks using our tutorials here, here or here.


Follow these simple rules and beeswax wraps will serve you long

Before the first use after each use: hand wash only under cold water (up to 40°C) like a plate. If necessary, use a detergent (avoid alcohol-based detergents).

Leave the beeswax wrap on the dish rack to dry or wipe it well with a towel. Do not dry on radiators or under direct sunlight.

Please, mind:

These are just a couple of things to watch out for if you want to make good use of your beeswax wraps

If you are allergic to honey or other bee products, please consult your health professional before using beeswax wraps.

Do not wash under hot water.

Do not use beeswax wraps for raw fish or meat: after them, the wrap has to be washed with hot water, which will destroy the wax coating of the wrap.

Keep beeswax wraps away from sources of heat: cooking stoves, ovens, radiators, direct sunlight.

Do not wrap hot food or cover the dishes with it: high temperature will melt beeswax and damage the wrap.

How long are they in use?

Depending on how frequently you use it, beeswax wrap can last you 9 to 12 months or more with proper care. You’ll know that the wrap is to be replaced, when it loses its stickiness and/or the wax coating wears down.

If the problem is only in its stickiness, you can try to revive the wrap:

Place the wrap between two sheets of parchment paper and move a hot iron over the wrap. Wait for the wrap to cool and dry. This will help renew the layer of wax coating on the fabric and restore wrap's elasticity. You can watch video tutorial it here.


Beeswax wrap is compostable and it completely decomposes in nature. After it is no longer in use, toss it into the composter or simply bury it in the garden. Don’t throw it into your general waste container.

You can also try and find an alternative application of your old beeswax wrap:

Cut them into strips and use them to tie flowers into a bouquet, tie twigs of vegetables or young trees; Twist the strips into bundles and use them to start a fire for a barbecue.