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About Us

Uf.Bee is the first company in Ukraine manufacturing reusable beeswax food wraps, environmentally friendly alternative to cling film and the best storing solution for keeping your food fresh for longer. Since late 2018, our mission has been to make the age of Mars colonization plastic free here, on Earth, and as of 2022 — make Ukraine free of russians!

About Us
Large Beeswax Wrap (35x35 cm)
Large Beeswax Wrap (35x35 cm)
Large Beeswax Wrap (35x35 cm)
Large Beeswax Wrap (35x35 cm)
Large Beeswax Wrap (35x35 cm)
Large Beeswax Wrap (35x35 cm)

Large Beeswax Wrap (35x35 cm)


Our large beeswax wrap is just one huge love! This wrap is 35x35 cm (13.38×13.38 in) in size, but its functionality exceeds its size enormously! Just a few ways we love to use it:

to cover a large salad bowl 🥗
to wrap the greens 🌿
to cover a watermelon in the fridge 🍉
to wrap a half of the pumpkin,
to wrap half a loaf of bread 🍞
for a large piece of cheeeeese 🧀
to take a sandwich in it 🥪

Beeswax wraps are this fantastic all-natural alternative to cling film and other single use plastic items for food storage. Beeswax wraps are pliable, self-adhesive, breathable, compostable and all natural food storage solution that brings up the beauty of food and preserves its freshness. 

A couple of undeniable advantages of beeswax wraps:

— our beeswax wrap definitely saves food fresh for longer because of antibacterial properties of its components: beeswax, pine resin and jojoba oil have natural antibacterial effect, which slows down the growth of food spoiling bacteria,

— more than that, beeswax wraps are breathable: cotton lets the air to circulate around the food, hence your food doesn't sweat or get locked in unnecessary moisture. 

100% unbleached cotton, beeswax, pine resin, jojoba oil.

  1. Place the food you want to wrap in the center of the beeswax wrap. Fold the edges of the beeswax wrap over the food. The warmth from your palms will help the wrap adhere to itself and create a seal. Store the wrapped food in the refrigerator or at room temperature, depending on the type of food you're wrapping and your preferences. Beeswax wraps are not suitable for use in the microwave or oven.

It is really simple: wash them only in cold water with eco-friendly soap. Let the wrap air dry. Store in cool dry place, the drawer is perfect. Do not use in dishwater or microwave. Avoid direct sunlight, hot plates, stoves, ovens, radiators etc.

When used 3-4 times a week, one wrap will last from 7 months to 1 year or more. The record shared by our customer on Instagram was 1.5 years of continuous use. This was the beeswax wrap from one of our first batches, since then the quality of our beeswax wraps has increased significantly: we changed the cotton we use for our beeswax wraps to a denser one, and the waxing became exclusively machine-made. We are waiting for your record :)

The wrap is made exclusively of biodegradable components and should be composted after use. However, at first we recommend to re-use your old beeswax wrap: 1) cut them into strips and use them for tying flowers in a bouquet, tying twigs of garden vegetables or young trees; 2) twist the strips into bundles and use them to start a fire.

There are countless ways to use beeswax wraps: you can wrap half of any fruit or vegetable in it, pack a snack into a wrap, cover a plate or a mason jar, make an envelope for loose foods, or freeze greens in them for the winter. We show more on our Instagram, TikTok and Youtube - follow us for Uf.Bee inspiration and may the beeswax wrap bring you joy every day and every single time you use it 🤗

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